Sunday, 25 April 2010

New addition....

The colour of this pendant is so pretty, the semi precious Rose quartz centrepiece stone has a translucent quality, surrounded by a cluster of shimmery moonstone and freshwater pearls.  I adore working with soft colours and this pendant with its romantic feel, fits right in with the Blush Collection.....

Monday, 19 April 2010

Making a Statement

I usually veer towards making jewellery in soft muted colours, such as blush, dove grey and creams, unless I am working to commission - then  I will work with every colour of the rainbow! 

I was given these stunning Paua shells by Davids Aunt Elaine on her return from a trip to New Zealand.  I decided to hand-drill them and marry them with shimmery button pearls, and a tad of vintage crystal - the Paua shells being offset to the edge of the necklace - not the centre. 

The colours in these shells are amazing, ranging from green, gold, blue to purple. The effect is stunning, a very striking statement piece indeed!

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

LOVE....Measure Me.....

Sewing is a HUGE passion of mine and has been since I was a little girl.  I grew up surrounded by reams of fabric and buttons as my Nanna was a dressmaker by trade, and I would love nothing better than spending quiet moments with her, unpicking garments for pocket money and watching her create outfits at the drop of a hat. 

That's not to say I didn't wear some steamers in my youth.....I can still envisage the lilac polyester jumpsuit she made me *ouch!!* I thought I totally rocked in it....

Imagine my delight then, when I spotted this fabulous bangle with a sewing theme....something fun, fresh and funky from fellow Gift Wrapped and Gorgeous seller PennyDog.

Available to buy at Gift Wrapped and Gorgeous priced £18.00.

Saturday, 10 April 2010

Getting Personal With Lynn Wilkins of Wee Treasures

Based in Scotland, Wee Treasures produces handmade jewellery wraps, mini wraps, boudoir bags and scented sachets....

Tell me what inspires you.....
I love the simplest things in life, sunsets, beaches, our crazy weather systems and the view around my house in the Bathgate hills.  I also get ideas from magazine photos, the little details that get forgotten...beading on a neckline, a drop of rain on a plant, natural fabrics like linen and the texture of calico and silk.

How did you get started?
I was fast approaching 50 and thought - I need to do this now! That's when "wee treasures" was born!  I have always been passionate about fabric and stitching and been a hoarder of buttons and beads since I rummaged in my grannys button box as a child.

Whose work do you admire?
I love the painter Joan Miro and Matisse who was way ahead of his time.  Having watched the DVD "Coco Before Chanel" - Chanel has to be on my list.  I love Laura and Linda Kemshall's work - their quilts are comtemporary and beautiful.  Oh and Mimi Pearl of course!

Describe your typicial working day?
I go to my job as administrator until 1.30pm and then its home for a quick cuppa and check my emails and online orders.  I usually start sewing after 6.00pm and can work until midnight occasionally - try to wind up about 11.00pm if I've had a busy day!

What is on your wish list?
Good health for my family, friends and myself, then the wee luxuries in life....a spa visit, floatarium session, a whole days uninterupted sewing with friends (doesn't happen very often!), red wine, chocolate and a sunny day in the garden with a good book.

Do you have any favourite blogs?
Don't really read many blogs - too busy - enjoy Mimi Pearls!

When work is done, how do you relax?
My i-pod, I would love to say my piano (but it's gone to another home....there will be another one along soon!) my stitching and "wee treasures" which I count as relaxtion, admiring other designers work on the internet, a good film and thinking about my next project.

To see more of Lynns work go to Wee Treasures.
Wee Treasures will be attending the Eco Crafts Market at  Loretto Gallery, Musselburgh, Scotland from 23-25 April 2010.  For more details see Eco Crafts Market.

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Todays a Good Day

Today has started off well, maybe that penny I picked up yesterday in the rain is bringing me some good luck......

A fellow tweeter informed me that she loves my Pixie Earrings featured on the front page of Not Mass Produced online shop.  This pleased me no end.  These earrings are a great little seller and I adore the pale aqua colour of these ones.

Then I realised today was the day that my interview with Scottish Textile designer and Illustrator Gillian Kyle was to be published on the UK Handmade Blog.

I have been a fan of Gillians work a while after seeing her products at a stall in Glasgow.

UK Handmade is a fabulous resource for UK based designers and crafters, not only does it produce an invaluable blog, but publishes an online magazine four times a year.  I have recently started contributing to UK Handmade, this is my first blog post for them. 

 UK Handmade was set up by Karen Jinks who is the Creative Director, to find out more about Karens work and UK Handmade please visit
UK Handmade  - to view magazine and information 
Chalk Hill Studio to view Karens work

Friday, 2 April 2010


I recently entered a competition  for Best Product Photos with Makers Online .  Picking an image is always hard, but I chose to submit this Three Stranded Freshwater Pearl Bracelet.  I was really excited to learn that I had been shortlisted to 27!  The standard was extremely high, so it was real honor for me. 

Here is my entry and description of shot:-

I love using natural light and wanted to create a slight reflection in the image, whilst capturing a suggestion of the natural environment in the background. I usuallly take advantage of the midday light, using my tripod and my little Canon Powershot A420 camera, the bracelet is placed on a sheet of glossy acrylic (which is balanced on a small stool to create height) by the window. I make sure that a have a close up setting, no flash and a little extra exposure and click away......

Congratulations to winner Chloe Livingstone, see her winning entry and the other shortlisted designers images here