Monday, 31 May 2010

Headless Edna

My Nanna was a dressmaker by trade, and as a little girl I earnt my first "wages" helping her with prepping garments for alterations and tidying her workroom.  Thinking back, I don't know how she managed to work in her room - it was small and it had poor natural light and was strewn with reams of fabric, garments piled in bags waiting to be collected (which sometimes never were collected!), a cutting table, sewing machine and ironing board. 

Amongst the mayhem was her old tailors dummy who we fondly named Headless Edna.  I think she dates back to the 1950's, she is generally in good condition with a few little minor holes.

When my Nanna recently moved, she took Edna with her, and looked after her until my parents collected her.  Edna spent a couple of months down on the sunny south coast of England, dressed up in clothes and a hat, before making her final trip up to her new home in Scotland.

I had forgotten how much some things evoke memories of childhood, playing in my Nans room with buttons, customers coming and going, endless days of watching my Nan at work.....

I had originally planned to sit her in my new studio once built, but I think she will be far happier standing proud in my living room, no accesories, just lovely faded fabric, holes and all. Thanks Nan xx

Tuesday, 25 May 2010


With the vintage fabric I was given the other day, I have made a cushion for our bedroom.  I used some battered denim off a pair of Davids jeans and stitched our initials onto the love-birds wings, with gold thread. Reach for the sick bags, should you wish to do so.......

Monday, 17 May 2010


I love it when someone gives you something old, something with a bit of a story, something battered, something in need of a little TLC......

My mother in law came to visit yesterday, with fabric in hand.  This fabric is 1977 Laura Ashley 100% cotton and has a green floral print.  An off cut from a pair of curtains she made years ago.    

Generally it is in good condition, although a little marked in some places through age.  I think it will lend itself  nicely to being made into something small, maybe scraps of it added to a quilt, maybe some will work its way into bunting.  I think it will look perfect teamed with battered denim and maybe a splash of gold stitching....