Friday, 4 June 2010

UK Handmade Summer Issue

Some of you may know that I am now a features writer for the fabulous and creative UK Handmade Team.  At UK Handmade we focus on all things creative, from sewing, jewellery making, ceramics, you name it........and shout from the roof tops about the amazing talent we have here in the UK!

In addition to the daily updated blogs featuring meeting makers, peeking into their studios, tutorials - right down to business advice and sharing recipes the UK Handmade Team produce a magazine several times a year that packs a punch!

The Summer Issue is out now and can be read online here 

In this issue I have interviewed the talented force behind Milomade - Evie Milo, a designer and avid recycler based in Scotland, written a tutorial for making Summer bunting and got behind the scenes with designer Kirsty Elson, whose love of the coast influences her work.

Hope you enjoy reading!

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