Sunday, 21 March 2010

Peek Into My Week.......

Monday - saw me finally get back into action after over two weeks of illness and frustration! Started work on my own personal project of a simple quilt from Cath Kidstons book.  Purchased some of her floral fabric at the weekend, along with other florals and set to work.  The quilt will be for my bed - so king size - and will feature birds, hearts (CK design) and wordplay from me to make personal.  Finshed the day off with yoga session with the fantastic Kirstie who runs .

Tuesday - on a roll today, started off with home session of yoga, making jewellery, hairpins and French Lavender scenters for stockists in the most scrummy fabric from Amy Butler.  Spent an hour or so photographing my new bag design, boudoir bags and scenters.  Made a few minor alterations to my online boutique, and took in a delivery of stunning amethyst and rock crystal stones.

Scenters by Mimi Pearl filled with French Lavender

Wednesday - meeting first thing with a client for a commissioned necklace, spent some time sourcing semi precious stones, completed delivery for Maisies Boutique in South Queensferry - day has flown in!

Thursday - The Line Gallery in Linlithgow is opening a new exhibition on Saturday entitled Blue.  Blue isn't a colour I work in for jewellery designs (I veer more to muted soft colours) but made a very pretty blue boudoir bag in vintage fabric, scenters and hairpins to compliment my jewellery already on display there.  Had an evening meeting with potential wedding clients for jewellery, always honoured to create pieces for someone's special day.  

Boudoir Bag in Blue Floral Fabric

Friday - delivered stock to The Line Gallery first thing, had a quick chat with Gail the co-owner, pleased to hear my pieces have been selling well!  Laundered and ironed vintage fabrics, in preparation for making more boudoir bags.  My cold that I thought I had battered into retreat, has reared its ugly head again - feel rubbish, don't want it scunnering my plans for the weekend so retreat to a friends and enjoy vege stew and chilli dumplings, with ice cold beer, followed by an early night.

Saturday - new plans for newsletter are going slow, coming up with errors with Mailchimp, so threw in the towel and emailed them for support.  Spent a few hours doing admin then clocked off for the day.  Celebrated in style at night for a friends birthday by shaking my thang at Dancing Queen at the Festival Theatre.  Fell into bed at midnight, woozy on champagne.......

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