Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Halfway point.....

So far this year has seen an incredible amount of change in my life.    I started the year out all geared up for new beginnings and I couldn't have wished for more. 

My Edinburgh Half Marathon was planned - which in May I completed in 2 hours and 21 minutes (a fabulous achievement from one who detested running 6 months before, even if I say so myself!).

Whilst Mimi Pearl was going from strength to strength, I had lost momentum and interest in designing jewellery, and was quite frankly fed up of stockists swallowing most of my profits.  I made the decision to stop making jewellery, and concentrate on textiles and my real passion...sewing.  At this point I had no real outline of which way I was taking Mimi Pearl, just I was taking a back step for the next few months. 

Then at beginning of March I started a full time photography position, a job which I was delighted to get - working term time for a great company, which fitted in with Mia and Jonny's school hours.  Not only that - I get to take photographs every day!  I was learning new skills and getting to grips with working full on five days a week, training for my first Half Marathon, and running the house left me little time to concentrate on the direction of Mimi Pearl.   

Now I am in the Summer holidays, I have had a break from work and catching up things and here's where I am at the halfway year point with Mimi Pearl.....

I am in the beginnings of designing textiles to show at the Line Gallery (my one and only stockist) and will hopefully be exhibiting my work at some point later in the year with Artlink as  I have done in previous years. 

My designs will focus on abstract florals and feature cushions and blankets.  Whilst florals are normally depicted in bright and  vibrant colours, I will continue to work with what I love best and that is a soft muted pallete. 

Inspiration is coming in many forms, from my photography, to graffiti and nature.......this image was taken today and I hope to incorporate it into the blanket I am working on.


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