Monday, 15 November 2010


Originally I wanted to create a quilt for my bed - a kind of family heirloom, with our names and wordplay incorporated into it.  I always had the idea it needed be dove grey, metallic, floral and white to go with my room - the problem being I couldn't find any suitable fabric.  

With ants in my pants as usual to get started on my first ever quilt, I purchased a mix of florals from Cath Kidston and John Lewis in pretty florals of pink, green and blue.  My sister in law gave me florals she had picked out for my birthday and my mother in law gave me some vintage Laura Ashley blue floral fabric she had stored away for a rainy day.

I loved the idea of mixing someone else's choice in with mine, and with this theme of adding old and new - I cut up a pair of Jonnys old grey denim jeans to add into the mix.  The back is made from a white linen table cloth from the church Mia was christened in.  Mia chose the polka border.

The thing I am finding with making a quilt, is
a) it's addictive 
b) it takes on a form of its own
c) it's comforting to be able to pick it up and lay it down when the mood takes
d) there are NO rules!!

I have since decided that I should stick to my original ideas for my quilt and be patient.  I will therefore wait, collect fabric as I go along and source greys and subtle colours that I love with a little bit of shiny mixed in.  

This quilt was always going to be very girly from the outset, adorned with flowers and birds, so it seemed only natural that I should change course and make it for my wonderful Mia.... 

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