Thursday, 11 February 2010

Peek Into My Week......

Its been a busy little week so far, and it's not over's a little snippet of what's been happening.....

Monday saw my Gift Wrapped and Gorgeous shop unveiled. I am totally delighted to be a Partner Company with GWAG, all under one roof you will find a great selection of handmade products from art & interiors to jewellery and bags by British Designers. Check out my page at

Tuesday I was busy ordering vintage fabrics to make into Boudoir Bags, making orders - earrings and hairpins were the thing this week, and spending far too much time on Twitter!

Wednesday was my "day off" from Mimi Pearl as I went to work with the talented Nadin Dunnigan Approached by Artlink, who I have exhibited with twice recently about the possibility of me providing workshops.

Thurdsay saw me working on a new pieces for the Line Gallery (exhibition starts 20February), Gail was loving the little Boudoir Bags I put in to compliment the jewellery. I then started work on my book review for UK Handmade, the Japanese decorative papers I ordered for the review arrived (total yummy!) - more to come on this later, then listed a few new things with my other online stockist Not Mass Produced.

And here we are at Friday....what will today bring?

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